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evolve 360
Evolve 25 Sauna birdseye view

The Revolutionary
360 Degree Surround Infrared Saunas
Delivering more Infrared heat to more of your Body

Sun Stream Mini Infrared Sauna

One Person
32.5"W x 35"D x 67"H

EV 10 Saunas

One Person
34.5"W x 38"D x 74"H

EV 15 Saunas

One - Two Person
46.5"W x 38"D x 74"H

EV 25 Saunas

One - Two Person
46.5"W x 38"D x 74"H

EV 20 Saunas

One - Two Person
46.5"W x 38"D x 74"H


Two Person
60.5" W x 38"D x 74"H

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 1

Two Person
48.25″W x 48.25″W x 74″H

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Sun Stream Infrared Saunas
'Evolve EHS'
Premium Features

Evolve EHS
'Evolve EHS'
Ultra-Low EMF
Near Zero ELF
100 % Solid Wood Construction Canadian Hemlock
FSC Certified
no plywood
NO Plywood
NO Particle board
Absolutely None !!
Made in USA Wood Glues
FDA 'Food Contact Safe'
360 Degree heat
'Evolve 360'
Complete 360 Degree
Heater Surround
Thermal Imaging
IR Heat Evidence
Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 2
'All' Adjustable Infrared
Intensity Controller
sauna shipping
Warehouse Direct Pricing across Canada & USA

‘Evolve EHS’ Low EMF 
Low ELF Carbon Panel Heaters

infrared carbon heater
Evolve EHS
infrared carbon heater
Ultra Low EMF
Ultra Low ELF
Average LESS than 1.0 mG EMF Magnetic Fields
Near Zero
EF/ELF Electric fields
Average LESS than 1.0 mG EMF Magnetic Fields
Near Zero
EF/ELF Electric fields
The ‘Evolve EHS’ heater and electrical system boasts incredibly low EMF magnetic fields and a new industry low for EF/ELF electrical fields !!

A major issue in the Infrared sauna industry is EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields.) emitted by the saunas’ heaters. Infrared saunas surround your body with electrical heaters. An effective Infrared sauna surrounds your body on several sides and is designed to keep your body in close proximity to the heaters to ensure an effective intensity of Infrared radiant heat.

EMFs have been studied since the 1970s and major organizations including the WHO, EPA, Health Canada and others worldwide, recognize the detrimental effects of EMF magnetic fields on human beings. 

To a lesser degree there are concerns about EF/ELF Electric Fields particularly for sensitive individuals (EHS, electrohypersensitivity).

Rest assured that your new ‘Evolve EHS’ sauna has incredibly safe, near zero, levels of EMF & EF/ELF ! Measured 1″ from Heater surface

Non-Toxic Building Materials | NO plywood. NO particleboard.
100 % Solid Woods

Sun Stream’s Infrared Saunas are manufactured with an absolute minimum of synthetic materials.

The ‘Evolve Mini EHS’ is constructed with 100% solid Canadian Hemlock lumber, NO plywood and NO particleboard.

It is common practice with many sauna brands to use plywood and particleboard hidden in the floor, ceiling, roof and elsewhere in the sauna. These are highly suspect for emitting formaldehyde when heated.

Our brand name Titebond wood glues are made in the USA and meet FDA criteria for
food contact safety.

Our low sheen, exterior protective finish is water based and formaldehyde free.

no plywood
Titebond Wood Glue
no plywood
100% Solid Canadian Hemlock
NO Plywood, NO Particleboard

The Evolve Infrared Sauna’s are built entirely from premium-grade Canadian Hemlock.

No engineered wood products such as Plywood or Particleboard are used in the construction as these are highly suspect to emit formaldehyde when heated. 100% solid Hemlock lumber.

All species of woods have their own distinctive aroma. Hemlock has a very low aroma, far less than Western Red Cedar, which is typically used for hot rock traditional saunas. Hemlock is commonly used throughout the Infrared sauna industry.

'EZ Clean’ Stainless Steel Floor Insert

Sun Stream Saunas feature a stainless steel ‘drip tray’ under all floor heater panels. In the case of excessive sweating or spilling of water, the stainless tray will prevent water from soaking through the wooden floor and possibly damaging your homes’ floor. Simply lift the carbon heater panel up to wipe out the sealed stainless tray.

Sauna Features
Rigorous Factory Quality Control

SOLID 10 YEAR Warranty

All Sun Stream Saunas are fully assembled and undergo a rigorous, top to bottom, Quality Control Inspection before shipping to your home.

The saunas are run for at least one hour on the factory floor to measure heating performance and to check all electrical specs.

Backed by our solid TEN YEAR PARTS Replacement Warranty

sauna assembling
easy sauna assembly
Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 3

Sun Stream Saunas assemble in a Snap with almost NO need for tools!

Unpack, Set up, Clean up in only 1-2 hrs and you will be ready for your first great sweat !

Our invisible corner fasteners create a finely finished look for your sauna and are preferable to the exterior buckles found on discount sauna brands.

Entire sauna room assembles without the need for tools. (Cordless drill required for Option-L bench assembly)

Fully detailed Assembly Manuals for each model can be found here

Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna Assembly Manual Cover
Evolve 30 Infrared Sauna Assembly Manual Cover
Sun Stream Infrared Saunas Quality Control
QC Inspection
Infrared Sauna Construction | Plywood? Toxic Glues? Lumber Source ?
Infrared Sauna Construction
(Plywood, Glues, Lumber Source)
Evolve EHS | 2019 EMF/ELF Test
EMF Magnetic Field & EF/ELF Electric field Testing
Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 4
" Intense is the word! Wow! I love it "

Evolve Mini customer:
Intense is the word! Wow! I Love it! Never new heat like this before in a sauna. I find the initial heat coming at me from every direction very soothing and relaxing, much like a warm blanket.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 4
" We LOVE our new sauna! "

Evolve 15 customer:
My wife couldn't even break a sweat in the [Big Box store] sauna but started sweating after a few minutes in the Evolve 15. It's a great model and the perfect choice for us. I like the glass because you don't feel claustrophobic.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 4
" Words cannot express how much I love this this sauna! THANK YOU!!! "

Evolve 30 customer:
I am so impressed by the build quality, the attention to detail, and the perfection of the Evolve 30 design and function. The size is absolutely perfect, giving room to stretch out, put your feet up, yet still fit in a reasonable space.

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