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About Sun Stream Infrared Saunas

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas is one of North America’s original Infrared sauna brands and are distributed in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Owner Kevin Halsey began working with Infrared saunas in 1999 and established the Sun Stream brand in 2009. Kevin brings his 21 years of experience to the designing of the Evolve 360 saunas including the Evolve Mini EHS.

Sun Stream has always been at the forefront of innovations in the Infrared sauna marketplace. In 2010 Sun Stream was one of the first companies to incorporate the EMF magnetic field cancelling carbon panel heaters into their saunas. In 2014 Sun Stream introduced our exclusive front door mounted heaters, greatly enhancing Infrared body coverage, improving heat distribution and the overall effectiveness of the Infrared saunas.

In 2019 Sun Stream delivered another breakthrough development for Infrared saunas with the introduction of our new Evolve EHS heater and electrical system. After months of development with our engineering team the Evolve EHS heaters brought EF/ELF electric field mitigation to an all new, near zero, industry low. Sun Stream joins the very, very small group of Infrared sauna companies to reduce ELF levels and Body Voltage levels in the saunas. Notably the EHS heaters cancel out both the magnetic fields and electric fields at the source of the heater and do not rely upon less effective ‘EF blocking or sheilding’ grills or meshes as used by competing sauna brands.

All Sun Stream Saunas are fully assembled on factory floor for several days prior to packaging. Each sauna undergoes a rigorous Quality Control inspection. The saunas are run for at least one hour, all electrical specs are checked and proper heating confirmed.

We pride ourselves on taking extra care at every step of the manufacturing and transportation process to ensure that you receive the highest quality Infrared sauna ready to use in your home.

Please contact me anytime and lets talk saunas,

Kevin Halsey
Owner, Sun Stream Infrared Sauna

Warehousing & Shipping

Sun Stream Saunas are distributed across North America from our two warehouse locations in Vancouver BC Canada & Blaine WA USA.

We strive to maintain ongoing production and inventory of all models to minimize lead times for your sauna order. Most often your new sauna will ship to you within 1-2 weeks.

Our well designed crating and pallet system protects your sauna with 3/8 chipboard, metal strapping, support braces and heavy duty pallets to ensure that your new sauna arrives in good order ready for you to enjoy !

sauna shipping
mini sauna pallet crate shipping
Evolve Mini EHS Ready to Ship ! One carton crated on pallet Pallet size: 42" x 30 " x 73" H
Delivered to your Home by our trusted Freight Carriers
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Sun Stream Saunas Shipped to your Home

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About Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 1

" Sauna works fantastic "

We got everything and are very happy. Sauna works fantastic and perfect for taking off the chilly edge this last month of rain has provided. Thanks…loving our sauna!

About Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 1

" Love the way this thing goes together...phenomenal! "

It will be so easy to take down and move if needed. 150F top temp, was sweating in 10mins & soaked two hand towels

About Sun Stream Infrared Saunas 1

" I really love this sauna "

Been using it every day and it's great! I really love this sauna. I’m telling everyone I know about it.

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