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Brand Comparison Service

Getting confused Shopping for an Infrared Sauna?
Is every sauna company insisting that they are absolutely the best and with claims contradicting each other?
Carbon vs Ceramic Heaters?
Near Infrared vs Far Infrared?
Full Spectrum Saunas ?

The Infrared sauna marketplace is swirling with conflicting opinions and excessive hype. Its enough to make your head spin.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas strives to be ‘hype free’ in our marketing, to follow the science and present factual, objective information in our advertising.

Request a brand comparison using the form below. We will send you our objective list of comparison points regarding competing sauna brands’ construction materials, effectiveness, value etc. All based on our 21 years experience.

Brand Comparison Request Form:

Let me help you with your comparison shopping with our brand Comparisons service.
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Kevin Halsey, Owner Sun Stream Infrared Saunas

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Contact us any time with all of your Infrared sauna questions and benefit from our 21 years of experience working with Infrared saunas.

Please submit the contact form with your questions or give us a call.

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