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EV 10 Infrared Sauna
Innovation Is Here
TRUE 360 Degree Infrared Surround
Evolve 10 Sauna top view
evolve 10 ehs
Evolve 10 Sauna top view

Relax & Enjoy the
Evolve 10 EHS
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'Evolve 10 EHS' Virtual Tour
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The Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna

One of the Most Powerful and Effective One Person Infrared saunas on the market

Total : 1710 Watts  | HIGH Power Concentration = 39 Watts/cubic feet

(Most Infrared saunas have only 20-30 watts/cubic feet)

Complete 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heating | Unique, compact footprint fits almost anywhere

Faster Heat up Time ~ Maximum Infrared Delivered to your Body~ Faster Heavier Sweat

Power Comparison with other Leading Brand One Person saunas

Evolve 10 EHS: 1710 Watts | 39.36 watts/cubic feet

Leading Brand X: 1350 Watts | 30.85 watts/cubic feet

Leading Brand Y: 1100 Watts | 19.12 watts/cubic feet

Leading Brand Z: 950 Watts | 20.13 watt/cubic feet  


Exterior: 34.5' W' x 38" D x 74" H
Interior: 32"W x 34"D x 69" H


1710 Watts 120V 15/20 Amp circuit

Heater Panel Configuration

Front Wall: 360 Watts
Left Side wall: 360 Watts
Back Wall: 300 Watts
Right Side Wall: 360 Watts
Floor heater: 165 Watts
Leg Heater: 165 Watts

Outstanding Power Concentration

39watts/cubic feet

(Please note: Not for use with GFCI Outlets)

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evolve 360
360 Degree heat
TRUE 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heating

The unique side door of the Evolve 10 allows for the positioning of a large 400 Watt carbon panel heater on the front wall of the sauna. Most Infrared saunas are sadly lacking in Infrared radiant heat aimed at the front facing surfaces of your body. Discount sauna brands often have no heaters in the entire front half of the sauna.

The Evolve 10 design delivers more Infrared radiant to your body with our large carbon panel heaters surrounding you completely 360 degrees on all 4 walls plus large foot and leg heaters. 

Relax and enjoy complete immersion in the soothing Infrared heat. The Evolve 360 design ensures a great sauna experience, without cold voids in the sauna room and a FASTER, HEAVIER SWEAT !!

Evolve 10 Sauna birdseye view

Average LESS than 1.0 mG EMF Magnetic Fields

Near Zero
EF/ELF Electric fields

Average LESS than 1.0 mG EMF Magnetic Fields

Near Zero
EF/ELF Electric fields

'Evolve EHS' Ultra-Low EMF & Near Zero ELF

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas have been on the cutting edge of low EMF Infrared heater technology since 2010.

Ten years ago Sun Stream introduced our Ultra- Low EMF carbon panel heaters which reduce EMF magnetic fields to an average of less than 1.0mG. (Many sauna brands measure 100+ mG)

In Spring of 2019 development of our latest heater innovation was completed and the ‘Evolve EHS’ heaters were incorporated into the Evolve 10 sauna. Our new EHS heaters and electrical system involves numerous innovations which reduce the ELF electric fields to near zero levels. An all new industry low !!

Ultra Low EMF
Ultra Low ELF
no plywood
100% Solid Canadian Hemlock
NO Plywood, NO Particleboard

The Evolve 10 is built entirely from premium-grade Canadian Hemlock.

No engineered wood products such as Plywood or Particleboard are used in the construction as these are highly suspect to emit formaldehyde when heated. 100% solid Hemlock lumber.

All species of woods have their own distinctive aroma. Hemlock has a very low aroma, far less than Western Red Cedar, which is typically used for hot rock traditional saunas. Hemlock is commonly used throughout the Infrared sauna industry.

Cloth cover
No Synthetic Cloth Heater Covers

Most competing Infrared Sauna brands are adhering synthetic cloth covers to their carbon panel heaters.The Mini’s ‘Evolve EHS’s heaters do not use cloth covers.

  • Introduce potentially off-gassing glues and fabrics into the sauna (chemical flame retardents)
  • Reduce Infrared heat output
  • Inhibit cleaning sweat off the heater surface (especially problematic for floor heaters)
'Titebond' Made in USA, Water Based wood glues

No mystery glues used in your new Evolve sauna!

All Sun Stream Saunas use brand name ‘Titebond’ wood glues which meet FDA criteria for ‘food contact safety’ and are used to make wooden cutting boards, salad bowls etc.

Just one more way that we strive to minimize synthetic potentially off gassing materials and ensure a healthy sauna experience.

Titebond Wood Glue
Full Size Backrest Included !

The Evolve 10’s backrest is constructed from Western Red Cedar for extra sweat stain resistance and for Cedar’s unique anti-microbial properties. 

The angled design sits firmly on the bench and provides comfortable lower back support.

Neck/shoulder Height Heaters & Open Design Heater Guards

All Sun Stream Saunas feature ‘high watt density’ carbon panel heaters that come to neck/shoulder height. Heater sizing and positioning is critical to the design of an effective Infrared sauna. Most IR saunas use large, tall, narrow heaters extending above the user’s head thus wasting some of the Infrared radiant heat above your body where it is not needed.

Our shorter, smaller heaters have a greater power concentration (higher watt density), a higher surface temperature and thus produce a greater intensity of Infrared heat which is aimed at the mass of your body.

Our ‘Open Design’ heater guards, with a minimum # of wood slats, also helps to ensure maximum Infrared delivered to your body.

open guard
The 'Option-L' Movable Bench

The Option-L movable bench is not a standard feature for the Evolve 10 sauna but customers who are 5′ 6″ in height, or less, may like to add the bench to their purchase. Taller customers will likely find their knees uncomfortably bent to sit with their feet up in the Evolve 10.

Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 1
Quality Kenwood stereo speakers & Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Relax and enjoy your favorite podcast or music

Connect your favorite device via Bluetooth to the sauna’s stereo speakers

OR disable Bluetooth & connect directly using standard audio cord, the choice is yours.

Kenwood Sauna Speaker
Kenwood sauna speakers
Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 2
Adjustable Infrared Intensity

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas’ electronic controller features our new AII, Adjustable Infrared Intensity, system. This unique feature allows the user to adjust the Infrared heat intensity to 100%, 75% or 50% levels. This control mechanism is separate from the air temperature thermostat and allows the amount of Infrared heat to be optimally set for different purposes & personal needs.

  • 100% Full sauna sweating experience
  • 75% Hot Yoga, Athletic stretching, Injury treatment
  • 50% Low Heat tolerance individuals
Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 3
High Power ChromoTherapy LED Panel

Adjust the color to your liking and flood your room with color to enhance your sauna experience!

Our High Power Chromotherapy ceiling LED panel features 180 LEDs, 40 watts of power and 12 colors to choose from with the remote control.

Standard in all models. EASY DIY retrofit for the Mini!

led panel lighting with remote
E-Z Clean Wall Heaters

All Sun Stream Saunas feature heater guards held to the walls with strong earth magnets. This enables easy removal of the guards to wipe the slick surface of the heaters clean from sweat a and dust.

If preferred, the heater guards have pre-drilled holes and can be more permanently attached to walls with included wood screws

easy clean
E-Z Clean Floor Heater

Simply flip the floor grate up (no tools required) to gently wipe the floor heater of sweat.

'EZ Clean’ Stainless Steel Floor Insert

Sun Stream Saunas feature a stainless steel ‘drip tray’ under all floor heater panels. In the case of excessive sweating or spilling of water, the stainless tray will prevent water from soaking through the wooden floor and possibly damaging your homes’ floor. Simply lift the carbon heater panel up to wipe out the sealed stainless tray.

evolve 10 sauna assembly
easy sauna assembly
Quick and Easy Assembly | No Tools Required

The Evolve 10 assembles in a snap without any need for tools!

(Cordless drill required only for the Add-on ‘Option-L’ movable bench)

Unpack, set up & tidy up in 1-2 hrs and you will be ready for your first great sweat!
Two people required. Individual pieces are relatively lightweight and manageable.

Our invisible corner fasteners create a finely finished look for your sauna and are preferable to the obtrusive exterior buckles found on discount sauna brands.

Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 4

Enjoy your favourite essential oil aroma, such as lavender or eucalyptus, with the convenient aromatherapy unit included with your new Mini sauna!

Cupholder Included

FREE Bonus Pack
  • Sun Stream Spa towel
  • Sun Stream Dry skin brush
  • Pure Wool felt sauna hat
Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 5

" The heat is so intense, far more than I imagined. "

I have researched pretty extensively and it has paid off. Extremely happy with the Evolve 10. I have been preaching to my family and friends the benefits of infrared My brother in law has ordered and he’s excited to get his Evolve 30.

Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 5

" Nice job, its well designed and great in every metric. "

We got the sauna set up and love it. My concerns about it being underpowered?...I have none, its awesome ! Thanks for your help in selecting the Evolve 10. Nice job, its well designed and great in every metric. Enjoying the sauna!

Evolve 10 Infrared Sauna 5

" You’ve put a lot of thought into the design and construction, very well done. "

The sauna is great! It was simple to set up with your clear, detailed instructions. I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into the design and construction, very well done. The effects are outstanding, I’ve already slept much better the past two nights and am feeling better

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