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'Evolve Light Therapy'
PhotoBioModulation (PBMT) Therapy

Our Evolve Light Therapy PBMT LED bulbs are available in either 660nm Red or 850nm Near Infrared. Suitable for targeted, localized treatments.

1- 24 watt bulbs (actual power consumption)
36 Volt power supply for safe use in the sauna
Cord with hand held socket and in-line switch

All Evolve Light Therapy products are tested with a proper light meter (Thor Labs Photodiode sensor S121C) to ensure therapeutic levels of light energy. Unlike other brands, we do not use inappropriate photometric meters which give inaccurate exaggerated readings.

Evolve Light Therapy PBMT LED bulbs
evolve light therapy

TEST RESULTS (Measured @ 4″ / 10cm distance)
Evolve 660nm RED: 65-80 mw/cm2
Evolve 850nm NIR: 85-100mw/cm2
Competitor’s 830nm NIR: Only 20-55 mw/cm2

evolve light therapy
evolve light therapy

Superior quality aluminum heat sinks and integrated fans ensure long life and performance of bulbs in the sauna